And laid him on the green

And laid him on the green September 12-18, 2009. Goonies, Vancouver, BC, Canada

And laid him on the green presents a selection of work from Vancouver artists Mark Dahl, Tegan Moore, and Lauren Scott, examining the manner in which specific objects and scenarios can be made uncertain through vaguely scientific methods and purposefully poetic choices.
Curated by Francesca Bennett

Self Storage and Non-slip Travellers
Styrofoam, non-slip tread, skid foam planks, thin plastic sheet, masking tape

Tool for Gathering Colour in the Dust
insulation foam, Velcro, colour paper, adhesive instructional labels

Installation view 

Airy Duct
various foam, string, non-slip tread

Installation view (with  work by Mark Dahl) 


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